Sculptural coin collection

Sculptural coin collection

Sculptural coin collection

In addition to sculptures, museum Beelden aan Zee also collects sculptural coins, that is to say coins that have been designed by their sculptors either as a commission or on their own initiative. Some modern sculptors feel the need to work not only in large scale but also in a smaller format. In this way, stand-alone pieces are created that sometimes have a relationship to an artists larger works. This relationship to sculptural art makes the collection of museum Beelden aan Zee unique. Coins therefore form an autonomous part of the museum’s collection.

Sculptural coins

In the Netherlands the sculptural coin burgeoned in the 1960s and 1970s thanks to the inspiration of V.P.S. ‘Piet’ Esser (1914-2004). As professor of sculpture at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam in the years 1947-1978 he taught an entire generation of young sculptors to cast coins which, according to him, could be brought into being not only as commissions but also out of their own free will and inspiration. His contribution to this form of art was so great that one speak of the Esser School. The collection at museum Beelden aan Zee provides an excellent overview of the work of both the first and second generation of Piet Esser’s students.


800 coins

The collection came into being as the result of purchases and gifts, and it continues to expand to this day. It is in particular the valuable gifts that play an important role in this. The very first benefactors were Theo and Lida Scholten, founders of museum Beelden aan Zee. Their private collection forms the foundation of the museum’s collection. In the year 2000 the couple Frans and Lideke Peese Binkhorst donated their collection of modern Dutch coins to the museum. It is only at a later that this major collection will be transferred to the museum. In the meantime the museum can make use of the works for exhibition purposes. The collection currently numbers ca. 800 coins

Coin depot

It is possible to have a look in the coin depot. Requests for a visit should be made in advance via Jadwiga Pol: Please note: The visit can take place only after it has been confirmed by the museum.

Wall display case

Since 2017, Beelden aan Zee has had a new wall display case, designed by the architect Wim Quist, in which the development of the modern, sculptural coin, sculptural drawings and photography relating to sculptural art is highlighted in periodically changing exhibitions. This new display case, located at the entrance of the Sculptuur Instituut, was made possible by a financial contribution from Frans Peese Binkhorst and Lideke Peese Binkhorst-Hoffscholte.